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Design, Analysis, Testing, Consulting, Teaching

Hardware & Software Engineering Design
Design services for POWER/ENERGY SYSTEMS: a) power generation including nuclear, b)power distribution and energy storage, c)photovoltaic, d)solar and wind, e)energy storage. Design of MEDICAL ELECTRONICS DEVICES: a) biosensors, b) transducers, c)imaging/acustic assemblies. DESIGN OF WIRELESS and TELECOMMUNICATIONS components: a) antennas, b) pre-amps, c) amplifiers, and d)DSP.

Systems and Sub-systems Engineering

We go beyond the card level design and we are capable of assisting our customers in the design and development of assemnlies, boxes, subsystems components including the embeded software.

Reliability Analyses

Applicable to medical, power, energy, and mobile wireless industries: a) failure modes affects and criticality (FMECA), b) worst case analysis(WCA), c)redundancy verification analysis(RVA), d)reliabilty prediction, e)critical failures and single point failures, f)electronic parts stress analysis, Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA).

Other Analyses

Applicable to all types of electronics and electromechanical systems: a) signal integrity analysis, b)electromagnetic environmental effects (EMI, EMC, bioelectromagnetics, signal propagation, EMP, HIRF, lightning),c) mechanical and thermal stresses analyses, d) six-sigma and other statistical processes control.
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