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  Customer Profiles
Avionics and Mobile Wireless Industries

Who are our Customers ?
Large and small companies can benefit from our design, analysis, and consulting services. Hardware manufacturers can benefit from the implementation of design principles that are highly reliable and with the implementation of reliability processes unique to the industry. Wireless service providers can benefit from fading, propagation , and reliability analysis in addition to assistance with many types of wireless designs.

What are our Customers Expectations ?
Complete customer satisfaction. This include: a)accurate design and analysis services, b)meeeting deadlines, c)contract compliance, d)follow up assistance(no extra cost)

What we Deliver at M.R. Research
We have had 12 years of complete customer satisfaction with diverse types of companies and technical organizations. We believe in the principle that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

Self Asseesments at M.R. Research
Every assignment concluded at M.R. Research is followed by a customer interview to assess customer expectations vs our actual performance. Continuous product and service improvement meetings are held once a month.
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