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Training, Education, Product Development


The following short courses can be offered (at your location).

1) Electronic Reliability Principles.

2) Electromagnetic Compatibility

3) Wireless and Telecommunications Engineering.

4) Reliability and Safety in Health Care Delivery Systems

5) Quality Principles in Health Care

6) Design of Medical Electronci Devices


The company can provide one-on-one educational services to your employees at your location on several subjects such as: Reliability Engineering, Health Care Quality Control, and Optimizationn of Healthcare Delivery Systems.

Product Development

At M.R. Research we are always looking for "in-house" product development projects that will benefit large sectors of the electronic industry. Therefore, we have made significant progress for a user-friendly software that could assist in the design of mobile wireless hardware against environmental electromagnetic effects We are interested in exploring the appeal of such a tool. If there is interest in your workplace or institution for such a tool, can you let us know? Send us an email.

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